Choosing the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Pet hair, dust bunnies and other unidentified objects littered across the floor can make a simple cleaning episode quite challenging, and keeping the sheen and polish on your hardwood floor can be just as tricky, especially when you’re not using the right equipment for the job. When you have a good vacuum cleaner in your arsenal, cleaning your hardwood to a spotless luster becomes an almost effortless task.

Characteristics of a Great Hardwood Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Just like owning a well-loved car, hardwood floors need equal attention and the right tools. But how exactly do you go about picking the best vacuum? There are so many brands of cleaners available out there in various stores and shopping centers, so choosing the best hardwood vacuum can be quite a confusing task. However, with the help of this article, your quest for the best weapon to battle those annoying dust balls can finally be narrowed down to a few potential cleaners.

Hardwood Floor

Avoiding Customer Confusion

Customers usually have varying preferences for what they might consider “the best”, and they often hold different opinions on the matter. One sure-fire way to steer buyers is to remind them of the features that should characterize every great hardwood floor cleaner. The features to consider when choosing a suitable hardwood floor vacuum are features such as accessories, attachments, weight, versatility as well as suctioning power. These particular vacuums should be lightweight and portable, have an adjustable vacuum head and should never have beater brushes. They should also have a powerful suction that can easily pick up every annoying dust particle or stubborn pet hair littered over the floors. But if you are dissatisfied with the vacuums you have been presented, or if you’re unsure of its feature claims, another way to be sure is to read a couple of reviews left by previous buyers. Reading customer reviews is the most reliable source of information when it comes to buying anything on the internet.

Canister or Upright?

For new hardwood floors, canister cleaners are more appropriate and easy on your floor than upright models; the latter being heavier than the former. Canister style cleaners also tend to have rubber wheels, which not only allow for easy mobility, but also to prevent it from scratching the surface of your floor.

Our Recommendation

Here are some of the top rated hardwood floor vacuums available:

Two of the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floor that we’ve seen so far include: Electrolux EL6986A UltraSilencer and Miele S4212 Neptune. The Electrolux EL6986A UltraSilencer, for instance, is a canister vacuum cleaner that ensures quiet cleaning whether on hardwood, carpets and tiles, and it is also quite eco friendly, since it is made from recycled materials. The Miele S4212 Neptune is also a canister vacuum cleaner that’s great for this purpose, since it can clean even the hard to reach niches with its multilayer filtration system and its HyClean FJM dust bag. You can find both of these along with other top rated hardwood vacuums at They have very good prices, but make sure you read the reviews there first before making any decisions. With the right vacuum cleaner, keeping dust and fluff invaders away will be a breeze. Always keep in mind the important features before you make a purchasing decision.


  1. Elisa September 29, 2013 at 11:56 pm - Reply

    The Electrolux EL6986A is definitely one of the best hardwood vacuums out there. It’s lightweight, has a powerful suction, and a compact design which is perfect for my small apartment. It’s also great for cleaning up pet hair messes on hardwood floors and other areas.

  2. Rachel K. October 1, 2013 at 1:44 am - Reply

    I’ve been using the BISSELL poweredge 81L2T for a while now and I’m glad you included it in your list of best hardwood floor vacuums. I’ve never really liked any of my vacuums until this one because all the others I’ve used in the past would just push the hair around but never actually pick it up 100%.

  3. Grabowski October 1, 2013 at 8:37 am - Reply

    Over the years, I’ve burned through a bunch of different vacuums, but mostly the cheaper ones. I finally decided to buy a more expensive machine and I gotta agree, when it comes to vacuum cleaners, you really do get what you pay for!

  4. Gerald Gaither October 3, 2013 at 7:35 pm - Reply

    I have a Miele S4212 Neptune for my hardwood floors and it amazes me how it can leave my floors spotless; even the niches that are hard to reach are well taken care of and it’s very affordable indeed.

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